Body Language Basics

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Body Language Basics


Lesson 1: Intro

Lesson 2: Awareness + Dress

Lesson 3: Types of Handshakes

Lesson 4: Hand Gestures 

Lesson 5: Power Pitch

Lesson 6: Tough Crowd

Lesson 7:  Power Moves

Lesson 8: Being Memorable

Lesson 9: Why So Serious

Lesson 10: Extracting More Info

Lesson 11: Defending Your Position Against Challengers


Body Language Basics


Lesson 1: Four Client Profiles
Lesson 2: Being a Lie Detector
Lesson 3: Detecting Non-Buyers
Lesson 4: Glaring v Staring
Lesson 5: Monitoring Engagement
Lesson 6: Watch the Eyes
Lesson 7: Nodding and Pacing
Lesson 8: Withholding Information
Lesson 9: Steepling and Clasping
Lesson 10: Barrier Stacking
Lesson 11: Feet and Shoulder Tells
Lesson 12: Resources


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