Client Says

Course Preview - #1



Client Says

Lesson 1: Introduction to Objection Rules

Lesson 2: “I’m not ready to commit.”

Lesson 3: “Send me a proposal.”

Lesson 4: “Your price is too high.”

Lesson 5: “Your price is too high compared to your competitor.”

Lesson 6: “That’s more than I expected to pay.”

Lesson 7: "Can I get a discount (better price)?" 

Lesson 8: “How much does it cost?"

 Lesson 9: “I’m just looking around (browsing).”

Lesson 10: “Let me think about.”

Lesson 11: “I need to speak with my spouse (boss).”

Lesson 12: “I need to do more research or Get other Bids.”

Lesson 13: “I’ll get back to you.”

Lesson 14: “We’re happy with our current supplier.”

Lesson 15: Review and Final Thoughts


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