Mastering Virtual Engagement: How to Connect, Engage, and Close

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 Mastering Virtual Engagement

How to Connect, Engage, and Close with Victor Antonio

January 15th, July 16th

If you’re ready to learn how to keep a virtual client or group’s attention by laying different tactics and engagement techniques, this is the workshop for you!

Victor is the host of the evening sales Livestream, Sales After Dark, where he has done over 100 episodes,…LIVE! Learn from the master! The tools and tactics are not ‘theoretical’, they work! Victor has experienced every aspect of virtual engagement for the last 10 years. 

Apply the wrong techniques along with bad timing and you will surely hurt your virtual presentation. Learn from Victor what works, but more importantly, learn what doesn’t work.

30,000’ Agenda

  • Learn 25 things you can do to connect, engage and close a customer and 15 things you should NOT do. 
  • We’ll also cover the 7 basic elements of preparing for a video call. 
  • And, I’ll dive into how to setup your ‘virtual workspace’ for maximum impact. 
  • I’ll show you what ‘technology’ pieces you can use that are impactful in terms of price and effect!

What You'll Learn:

  • How do you get a client to turn on their video camera?
  • What should and shouldn't you do or say?
  • How long should your presentation be?
  •  What is the ideal structure for a virtual presentation? What should be included and what should NOT?
  • How should you integrate questions and/or surveys into your presentation without making it embarrassing (I.e, cheesy): which will impact your credibility?
  • What can you do in the first 2 minutes to reduce a customer or group’s resistance and get them to engage?
  • How can you do it without it seeming to be forced or worse, corny?
  • What can you do to prepare a customer or group for the virtual meeting? What should you send them? 
  • Which presentation ‘style’ is more effective in a virtual format?
  • How can you leverage internal authorities on your virtual calls?
  • How to get your customer or group to participate in exercises and how to create a ‘meaningful’ exercise that will engage the group?
  • How should you structure your presentation or meeting?
  • How many people should be at the virtual meeting for maximum engagement?
  • What’s the best time of day and best day of the week to hold virtual sales meetings with clients?
  • How to structure the meeting to either close or advance the sale.
  • How and WHEN should you do a demo? 
  • What are the top 5 Dos and Don’ts of a live demo?
  • How do you handle a large group on a virtual call?
  • How should you prepare and engage a large group so it feels natural?
  • What are the group's ‘turn-offs’ that cause them to disengage (i.e., they turn off their video)?
  • How can you deliver a 3D experience in a virtual 2D meeting?

High- Impact Training From Victor Antonio

 After building a successful 20-year career as a top sales executive, Victor Antonio became a globally sought-after sales speaker and trainer.

With over 192,000 Youtube subscribers and over 3 million podcast downloads, Victor knows how to engage an audience virtually; learn from the master!

Learn what works, but more importantly, learn what doesn’t work!

Who Should Attend?

Salespeople who have and will continue to have virtual meetings. Face-to-face meetings will eventually come back; slowly but surely. But, it’s safe to say that 2021 will still be dominated by virtual meetings! 

Mastering Virtual Engagement: Connect, Engage, and Close


January 15th, July 16th

9 AM - 12 PM EST

  • 3-hour Mastering Virtual Engagement virtual masterclass with Victor Antonio
  • Can't make it? 30-day access to the recording is included. 
  • 1-Year Access to the Sales Velocity Academy ($299 value)