Mastering the Virtual Product Demo: How to Position and Persuade Virtually

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Mastering the Virtual Product Demo

How to Position and Persuade Virtually with Victor Antonio

March 19th, September 10th

As we move to a more virtual demonstration of products, knowing how to set up the call and ‘perform’ a demo is critically important. In this masterclass, you’ll learn the stages, strategies, and tactics of the perfect virtual demo.


30,000’ Agenda

  • Learn how to prepare and deliver a great demo.

  • How to gain commitment from the prospect throughout the demo.

  • What tools and tactics you should use for maximum impact during a demo.

What You'll Learn:

  • Learn the basic structure or framework of a successful demo.
  • Discover ways of ‘prepping’ your prospect before you start the demo for higher receptivity.
  • How do you frame the value of the product?
  • How and when should you use Return On Investment (ROI) calculators?
  • What role does Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) play in making a buying decision? 
  • Leverage the ‘Value Trinity’ when positioning your product features and benefits.
  • How should you address TCO in your product demonstration?
  • Understand and develop 3 different types of case studies for your demo.
  • What is the switchover cost? How should you handle that objection in a product demo?
  • How do you gain early commitment in a demo to ensure a better outcome?
  • How to handle objections and/or concerns throughout the demo.
  • When should you introduce the price during the demo?
  • Learn how you can reduce the customer’s fear or anxiety of using or switching to your product.
  • Learn engagement tactics to keep your audience’s interest on the demo.
  • How to initiate and encourage collaboration during a demo to improve your success rate.
  • Understand the types of decision-makers on a virtual call and how to engage each one.
  • Identify personality types using the S.A.A.D. model.
  • Which type of case studies should you use and when should they be used in the product demo?

High- Impact Training From Victor Antonio

 After building a successful 20-year career as a top sales executive, Victor Antonio became a globally sought-after sales speaker and trainer.

With over 192,000 Youtube subscribers and over 3 million podcast downloads, Victor knows how to engage an audience virtually; learn from the master!

Learn what works, but more importantly, learn what doesn’t work!

Who Should Attend?

If you’re an inside salesperson, technical sales, sales engineer, SDR, BDR, or field salesperson who has to do a show and tell of your product, this workshop will give you the framework to help you become great at demoing.

Mastering the Virtual Product Demo


March 19th, September 10th

9 AM-12 PM EST

  • Mastering the Virtual Product Demo masterclass.
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