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Winning Sales Strategy

How do you get more customers? In this Fast Class, we'll explore how you can create a specific plan for your target market and client profile. Practical advice for scaling your business according to your total addressable market. 

Effective Sales Presentations

Sales proof your presentation against 4 types of buyers with tactical objection blocking and a great narrative. 

How To Block Objections

Overcoming objections is old school - block objections before they arise to increase your credibility and influence. 

Closing the Credibility Gap

Clients need to trust your judgement and opinion before they'll buy. Become your clients most trusted advisor.

Qualifying Sales Opportunities

Create a system to qualify and disqualify prospects more reliably. Save yourself time on clients who won't buy. 

How To Sell

Create the foundation for your sales process with these guided steps to increase your sales velocity. 

Sales Reset

Sales has changed. See how the role of salesperson has changed and what you need to do to adapt. 

Inside the Customer Brain

Understand how your prospects make decisions and how you can remove decision roadblocks.

Sell More... Faster

Cut out inefficiencies. Shorten and accelerate your sales cycles to earn more, faster. 


Total Cost of Ownership

Present one of the most valuable metrics for selling on value, not price. Calculate the true cost and put the price in perspective for your clients. 


Accelerating Your Sales Performance

Create a system to become better at sales. See this webinar for mIndset shifts and habits of top performers.  

Getting Past the Gatekeeper

One of the toughest challenges facing a sales development rep is getting past the gatekeeper or admin. In this 12 video course, you'll learn what to say to the gatekeeper to gain access to the decision-maker. 

Qualifying Real Buyers

Use this prospecting checklist to qualify your potential buyers. Run your prospects through the 3 Qualifying hurdles: Fit, Opportunity, and Buyer.

Asking Great Sales Questions

Listen more, talk less. Get more out of your conversations with prospects. 


52 Best Practices

52 Tips to optimize your next sales presentation. Easy things to do to close more.


Time Management

We know we have to manage our time to be successful, but how do we actually accomplish meaningful progress in our work? This course has strategies and rules to live by to complete more in less time. 

7 Upsides of Virtual Selling

If you're a manager or salesperson, this fast class will help you quickly grasp why virtual selling is a great way to reduce the cost of sales (COS), the cost of hiring while still increasing your client base and your ability to close more deals.


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These Foundational courses are designed to give you a solid knowledge and process base while personalizing and optimizing each step.


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