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Getting Deals Unstuck

July 15th at 10 - 11:30 am EST. 

What’s going inside the mind of a buyer that they can’t ‘pull the trigger’ on something they know they need? You will learn:

  • Two types of No-Decision
  • Understanding the difference between status quo and indecision
  • Avoiding Forecastination
  • The right time to use ‘metrics’ to motivate a client
  • When to use ROI, BEP and TCO numbers to create urgency
  • The 3 modes of a buyer who can’t decide
  • Learn how to control the flow of information 
  • Understand how the paradox of choice works and can work against you
  • Leverage product advocacy to guide a client’s choice
  • How to anticipate needs and minimize objections
  • Find out how ‘radical candor’ can help you close indecisive deals
  • Conversation techniques that build rapport and trust
  • Sample scripts the best of the best use to ‘confront’ clients
  • Learn the power of ‘curating content’ for your clients
  • 5 Tactic to ‘de-risk’ a deal and get the client to say ‘yes’
  • We’ll also talk about what sales tactics work and which ones are no longer valid.  Many of the tactics taught today simply do more to hurt rather than help you close a deal or get a buyer’s commitment.

What People Are Saying:

I've been attending every Victor Antonio Live Masterclass in 2022 EVERY session has been AMAZING!!! If you're a business owner, sales professional or independent freelancer you really should attend the live sessions by Victor!

Jay Tiew