Cold Calling Success

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Cold Calling Success

Lesson 1: Prospecting Numbers

Lesson 2: Sales Call Reluctance

Lesson 3: Cold Calling By Numbers

Lesson 4: 3 Types of Calls

Lesson 5:  Cold Calling Structure

Lesson 6: Qualify the Prospect

Lesson 7: The Request

Lesson 8: How to Sound Natural

Lesson 9: Quick Flip- ‘I am not interested

Lesson 10: Voicemail

Lesson 11:  Objections – ‘ Just Send Me The Info’

Lesson 12: Tip- Date Setting

Lesson 13: Objection- I Don’t Have a Budget’

Lesson 14: Objection- ‘You’ll Be Wasting Your Time’

Lesson 15: Objection – ‘You’re Just Trying To Sell Me’

Lesson 16: Tip – Suggest A Specific Meeting Time

Lesson 17: Objections – ‘We’re Happy With Our Current Vendor’

Lesson 18: Objection – ‘I Can Get It Cheaper’

Lesson 19: Objection – ‘I Need To Check With The Boss’

Lesson 20: Objection – ‘I’ll Think About It’

Lesson 21: Objection – ‘This Won’t Work For Us’

Lesson 22: Objection- ‘We’ve Had A Bad Experience With A Similar Company’

Lesson 23: Objection – ‘I Feel Like You’re Pressuring Me’

Lesson 24: Objection – ‘Can You Provide References?’

Lesson 25: Objection- We’ll Get Back to You’

Lesson 26: Tease and Squeeze

Lesson 27: Poke and Prod

Lesson 28: Closing Ratios


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