Sales Conversations

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Sales Conversations

Lesson 1: Developing a Sales Conversation

Lesson 2: Structuring Your Sales Presentation for Today's Informed Buyer

Lesson 3: Developing Attention Grabbers (examples) 

Lesson 4: Widen the Gap = Urgency 

Lesson 5: Future Pacing a Buyer - What Will Happen 

Lesson 6: Discuss Market Options 

Lesson 7: Position Yourself as an Authority 

Lesson 8: Talk Differentiators 

Lesson 9: Using Data & Studies

Lesson 10: Achieving a Collaborative Discussion

Lesson 11: Extracting Their Point Of View (POV) 

Lesson 12: Gaining Commitment

Lesson 13: Advancing the Sales

Lesson 14: Lead them to your solution


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