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Learn how to sell more effectively to decision makers. Create better sales teams. 

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Death By Discounting

15 Minutes or Less: 

Protect your bottom line. Think like your company's leadership and understand the impact discounting has on long-term profit AND how to avoid discounting often.

Influencing Decision Makers

15 Minutes or Less: 

The buying process is getting more convuluted - according to recent studies, you can have up to 9 decision makers. This is where collaborative selling comes in; how do you find common ground between all decision makers. 

Selling Services to Contractors

15 Minutes or Less: 

Chances are, you're not losing most of your sales to your competitor. Most deals are lost due to 'No Decision' by your clients - analysis paralysis. How do you motivate contractors to go with your product/ service?

Become a Storytelling Expert

In this Sales After Dark recording, learn the 3 components of a captivating story, why logic alone won't persuade your audience, and examples of great stories. 

Hero Story Narratives

Creating a story or narrative for our audience can make a bland presentation relatable and persuasive. Get the HERO presentation blueprint. 

3 Step Software Demo

Skills in 15 Minutes or less: If you have to sell software via a conference call (or in-person), let me walk you through a simple 3-step demonstration process that will allow you to connect, orient, and engage a client or customer effectively.

Next Level Thinking

Skills in 15 Minutes of Less: How do top performers think when it comes to learning? What's the mindset difference between top performers and those who get stuck?  In this Fast Class, I will share with you the mental model the best of the best use to take their skills to the next level.

Value-Centric Selling

Position your value, not your price. Quantify your value to your client to sell high price items.

PROductive Meetings

Define High Leverage Activities, find your Champion and create actionable plans for your next project. 

Getting in Front of Decision Makers

Stand out in the sea of sameness. Land meetings with the people that can close your deal faster.

Sales Force Management

Raise your expectations for what your team can achieve. Set and maintain goals. 

Hire Smarter

Hiring the right people is only getting harder and the cost of hiring the wrong person is getting more expensive. Take the guess work out of interviewing and hiring with the Hire Smarter Process.

Channel Sales

When a business wants to reduce their 'transaction costs' they turn to using channels to move their product into the market.  This is the basics on how to use channels to move your product into the market.

High-Tech Selling

Selling the value on complex, B2B technology can be tough. Follow this process to explain, demo and quantify the value of advanced technology. 

Developing Sales Culture

The best companies know how to create an environment that nurtures and encourages innovative thinking without losing sight of the bottomline. Define the 6 levers that will help you shape a successful sales culture.

Pricing Strategies

Stop leaving money on the table!  Too often we are so focused on getting the deal that we forget to implement simple pricing strategies that can close at a higher price point. I'll cover 8 pricing tactics you can use to either boost your margin.

How to Rescue a Struggling Sales Person

Every manager faces the dilemma of whether to keep or terminate a salesperson.  Learn how to help a struggling salesperson by putting them on a well-defined plan of action.

Developing a Sales Compensation Plans

Salespeople are motivated by how much money or commissions they can make.  To motivate them properly you must develop a plan that GUIDES their behavior.

9 Step AI Framework

Thinking about implementing AI technology in your company or team? Clear up the confusion on new technology, and create a 9 step checklist to seamlessly integrate AI. 

Position Your Value, Not Your Price

Sell higher ticket items by expertly positioning your value and polish your leadership skills.


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