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5 Ways to Stay Motivated on Your Way to the Top

Victor Antonio and Jeb Blount

When you're reaching for lofty goals for your personal or career development, sometimes you might become demotivated or feel 'off-track'. Jeb and Victor go through 5 different ways, mindsets, and practices to get yourself back on the grind. 

Sales Habits

Why do some habits stick and others don't? How can incremental changes your productivity equal a big change? Learn real tactics that can help you set new habits. 

Body Language for Salespeople

Read your prospect's body language, and also become aware of your own and how it can help your prospects trust you more, make a presentation more compelling, and help clients make buying decisions. 

Getting Referrals

Utilize your network to get qualified leads from your satisfied customers. An often overlooked avenue for a revenue boost, I'll show you how and when to ask for a referral. 

Shifting Buyer's Mindset

Getting a buyer to shift their mindset is crucial when it comes to persuading a customer to buy your product or service. Buyers often focus on short-term thinking instead of thinking long-term.  Shift mindsets without being too pushy.

Predictable Prospecting

Create the foundation for your sales process. 


Inbound Selling

Learn how to handle inbound calls with these email and phone templates.



The best way to increase your average order size, and multiply your revenue.


Sales Conversations

Tell a compelling narrative and reiterate your key message so the customer remembers you and your product better than the competition.

Business Metrics For Salespeople

Clients are demanding that salespeople understand their business - i.e understand  their business metrics. As a salesperson, you need to learn the language of business if you want clients to take you seriously.

Influencing Change

Understanding what motivates a client to buy or not buy is key to selling effectively.  You'll learn how to create a sense of urgency and  other tactics to get clients to make a buying decision.



Sales Presence

Have you ever been bored out of your mind listening to a presenter?  Well, you're not alone.

Command attention and demand action. Discover simple to use techniques to keep your listener (buyer) engaged in what you're selling.

Cold Calling Success

How do you get the appointment?

Too many salespeople don't spend enough time on improving the most important sales activity: cold calling. Script templates, objection blocking strategies and more. 

The Perfect Voicemail

Get prospects and clients to call YOU back.  Get the voicemail scripts and strategies you can use today to get more prospects to respond. 

Negotiation and Persuasion

Getting to a collaborative state with your client. How you frame your deal terms, and conversation will determine your clients response. 

The Art of Negotiation

In this webinar, you'll see graphic models of persuasion to understand how your clients think and make decisions so you can appeal to your clients. 

8 Discounting Countermeasures

"Discounting isn't selling, it's gifting'. Learn how you may unintentionally be leaving money on the table, and how you can discourage clients from asking for a discount. 

Client Says

Every salesperson, at any given time, faces a variety of objections from a prospect.  In order to keep the deal alive or moving forward, a salesperson has to know what to say, how to say it and what to listen for when the prospect responds. 

Diagnosing Sales Performance

Whether you're a salesperson or a manager this simple model will help you understand how to sell more effectively and how to identify where salespeople get stuck in the selling and learning process.


Elements of a Power Presentation

In this FAST course you'll learn what the best speakers do to engage, connect and persuade and audience. Topics include Using a Visual Analogy, Asking a Big Question, Emotional Stories & more.


Overcoming the Fear of Cold Calling

Cold Call Reluctance is the fear of cold calling.  If you're having trouble picking up the phone, this Fast Class is going to help you get your mind right and help you overcome any hesitation. By understanding the psychology of what is holding you back, you’ll be able to ‘label’ the problem and shift your thinking.

The Best ROI is Yourself

The Advanced courses polish your skill set and add effective strategies and tactics.


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